Fill Your Freezer e-Gift Card

Let's be honest, she doesn't need another onsie. The gift of a well-stocked fridge or freezer is the best gift you could give!


This e-Gift Card can be used towards any FYC food product, delivered straight to their door. 



At check out, please include the recipients name and a message in the notes section. We will then jazz-ercise a personalised e-Gift card and send to YOU within 24 hours of purchasing. You may then print out or send a digital copy to the recipient.

Fill Your Freezer e-Gift Card


    Yum! What's in your meals? 

    A full list of ingredients, how our meals nourish you and what we love to pair them with, can be found just one click away. CLICK

    Ok, I'm in...Do you deliver to me?

    Delivery Locations

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    We are a VERY small business, so our delivery radius is limited to 15km from Kensington

    Use the drop down below to see if we can Fill Your Freezer, if not please send us an email to discuss.

    Yes! When do I get my delicious food?

    • You can order up to 6 weeks in advance

    • Orders close Sunday 5pm for delivery the following week

    • Our meals are delivered fresh on Wednesday morning. Eat straight away, store in the fridge or freezer


    Oh and don't get all glammed up for us. We are like Fairy Godmothers. We drop the goodies at your door and text you once they have arrived.



    High levels can be found in foods like slow-cooked meat and liver. Aids in increasing energy levels, reducing fatigue and increasing mental performance. We pair with vitamin C containing foods for maximum absorption.



    Collagen is responsible for healing connective tissue and skin. Bone broth is packed to the rafters with this amazing nutrient! This will encourage speedy recovery of your cha-cha or sun-roof baby scar and help your uterus to return to its former size.

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    Vitamin B12

    B12 is required for red cell development and energy production. If breastfeeding, B12 aids in brain, behavioural and muscle development of your bub. Best sources include: animal products like beef and liver.


    DHA (Omega-3)

    Omega-3 fatty acid, a.k.a. DHA, can be found in seafood, grass-fed beef and eggs. It assists with brain development and can have antibacterial and immune-boosting properties.

    Hero Nutrients

    "Nutrient stores are already at an all-time low following pregnancy. Now's the time to build them back up"

    - Lily Nichols RDN, CDE -