Having a premature baby and a toddler during a pandemic was hard. It meant not having access to my family, my village, like I normally would. I also didn't have any time to pre-organise any meals! 


Having Renee cook me delicious and nutritious meals that were tailor-made specifically for breastfeeding and post-partum was truly an amazing experience. Everything I ate made me feel as if I was really giving my body the nutrients it needed whilst being able to prioritise sleep for myself instead of thinking about what to cook!


The lactation cookies were one of my highlights and I saved them for my early morning feeds. The beef cheek was a huge hit with the whole family and the soups were full of warm, yummy goodness! Without Renee those first couple of months would have been extremely difficult. Thank you!!

Mielle R.

Thank-you Micka. Being a mum to a newborn and 2yr old, life got crazy busy literally over night! Having some pre made meals really took the pressure off, it meant I could focus on the kids and also know I was eating nutritional food, which helped keep my energy up and also aid healing. 
The ginger fried rice was a light, simple and satisfying meal. The red lentil soup was very warming and delicious! 
Chocolate crackles: love cacao, and chocolate is always a hit! Tea: helped boost my milk production. Body scrub: great to invigorate the body! Bath Soak: very soothing


The postpartum pack I received from Micka at Fill Your Cup was the perfect assortment of treats for any new mum. I was nourished from the inside with delicious Muesli and tea, as well as from the outside with body scrubs and bathing remedies. Most importantly, this pamper pack encouraged me to take some time for myself to rest and recharge.


I feel grateful to have found Renee! Her deep knowledge and willingness to listen made me feel like I had a friend at my side and chef in the kitchen. The lactation biscuits are a favourite of mine - so good, you just know how much love has gone into them.  At a time when I was very vulnerable, it was an immense relief to have her by my side

Sian B.

Renee has been a guardian angel during my postpartum journey. Providing me with delicious lactation cookies and amazing bath sitz, she made me feel human again. Can’t wait to have another bub just so I can use her services.

Edwina R.

Thank you Micka. This pack was amazing! It satisfied needs and wants I didn’t even realise I had. From the delicious food and tea to the rejuvenating bath treatments and body scrub, this pack helped me feel pampered but, more importantly, it helped me feel like ‘me’ again.


Such a thoughtful, gorgeous pack for a new mum. I loved receiving all these goods from Micka. The muesli was delicious with yoghurt or often I’d just have it as a snack between breastfeeding.


Renee’s delicious meals and snacks were exactly what I needed - body, mind and soul.  She is wonderful company with just the right amount kind, experienced and educated chat for a new mum while she quietly Mary Poppinses your home and family!  I love the book she offers to her clients which resonated strongly with me. 


Fill Your Cup is a real saviour for the modern postpartum women - I only wish I’d discovered them sooner! 

Kiri M. 


I'm worth it. Let's Fill my Cup!