'Mother the mumma, nurture the nurturer and provide women the opportunity to fall in love with their postpartum experience'

Want to be nurtured and nourished after the birth of your baby?

Here is how we can help

Our practice is focused on evidenced-based postpartum care which is exclusively curated to your needs. Postpartum is for life, so whether you are a newborn mama or 4 years post-birth, we are here for you. Explore our Melbourne and Hobart based in-home offerings or our 1:1 online Postpartum Planning workshop. Either way, we can take your motherhood journey from 'surviving' to 'thriving'.

Mother and Baby

Postpartum Care

Let us make you delicious nutrient-rich meals, fold that stack of washing, settle your baby while you rest and lend a non-judgmental ear when you've had a tough night

Pregnant Woman

Postpartum Planning Sessions

Taking mamas from 'surviving' to 'thriving'. Let us help you prepare for a positive postpartum, nourish you with delicious FYC dark choc +goji lactation cookies, soothe your body with FYC Mama bath salts and set you up for a successful breastfeeding journey


How it Started...

Two mums, both scientists, one dream.


'Mother the mumma, nurture the nurturer and provide women the opportunity to fall in love with their postpartum experience'


Micka and Renee met whilst completing their PhDs at Monash University. Renee focused on the biochemistry of the immune system, whilst Micka pursued her passion for women's health


They've taken divergent career paths

but continued their friendship

throughout the years


Their daughters, born almost 365 days apart, sparked a new bond



From there a new and undiscovered appreciation for mothers and

matrescence - the transition of a maiden into a mother

And so, Fill Your Cup was born

Micka Bertucci, PhD
Mother of Rosemund, cook and
postpartum nurturer
Renee White, PhD
Mother of Eva, cook and matrescence advocate

Having a premature baby and a toddler during a pandemic was hard. It meant not having access to my family, my village, like I normally would. I also didn't have any time to pre-organise any meals!

The lactation cookies were one of my highlights and I saved them for my early morning feeds. Without Renee those first couple of months would have been extremely difficult.

Thank you!!

I feel grateful to have found Renee! Her deep knowledge and willingness to listen made me feel like I had a friend at my side and chef in the kitchen. The lactation biscuits are a favourite of mine - so good, you just know how much love has gone into them.  At a time when I was very vulnerable, it was an immense relief to have her by my side

Thank you Micka. Being a mum to a newborn and 2yr old, life got crazy busy literally over night! Having some pre made meals really took the pressure off, it meant I could focus on the kids and also know I was eating nutritional food, which helped keep my energy up and also aid healing. 

Mother and Baby

I want to be treated
like a queen!
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